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Katie Anderson & Brandon Bailey

Engaging Learners: Connecting Content to Reality

Wednesday, February 4th 
at Dallastown Area Intermediate School
(use our flagpole entrance off Beck Road)

  Real world connections bring content to life for students. Throughout this session, participants will find ways to connect with experts, view current action research, and understand the effect the connection to the real world has on both the content and the students’ experience in a class. They will see the value of using professionals in the industry and participants in other studies to complement academic content. Providing an alternative lens for reading increases the participation and engagement of all students. Through the collaborative development of units with experts in the given topic of discourse, teachers move the literature from the book and into the lives of today’s students.


Leg Up Farm Showcase Event (April 15th)
Annual Awards Program (May 7)

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Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) is a professional association for educators whose mission is to promote high-quality education for all children. PDK views education as an essential way to develop and maintain a democratic way of life. The First Capital Chapter 1557 includes educators representing Lancaster and York County schools, colleges, and universities. The PDK mission is accomplished through the tenets of leadership, research, and service.

LEADERSHIP is developed through three educational programs offered throughout each school year. The program topics are relevant for every role within the educational field. During these programs, PDK shares and distributes accurate knowledge about best instructional practices based on valid and reliable RESEARCH. The SERVICE focus of The First Capital Chapter is to cultivate great educators for tomorrow, while ensuring high-quality education for today. 


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